Do you know there are companies crucial to produce goods we all need and that can´t stop,
otherwise we all stop?

Laboratories, factories producing hospital equipment, medicines, food, water, electricity, gas, telecomunications, amongst many.


Host an entrepreneur

There are entrepreneurs that need our help to reinvent themselves.

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Host a Hero

Now, more than ever, Doctors, nurses, auxiliares and many other healthcare professionals need rest and isolation. We can make a difference by lending these heroes our empty houses.

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You'll produce / You'll get a job!

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Once we receive data, we match the people that want to keep producing with the companies that need to keep producing. Yes, there are companies that can´t stop!

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Host a job is an initiatve led by uppOut and all of you who are looking to offer a solution that identify companies that currently don't have enough personel to keep their production going, and people who want to keep producing.

It is not because it's far your sight,

that shouldn't be close to your heart

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